Purchasing a boat or yacht for sale, whether for the first time or not, requires a great deal of time, research and analysis. Ownership of a sea or lake vessel involves investing a large sum of money, with many other ongoing and regular maintenance expenses throughout the term of ownership. There are also a number of variations in yachts and boats and you will need to decide what type is best for you.

A few important questions that you should think about in regards to considering yachts for sale have been noted below:

How much can you afford to spend on a boat?

Ownership and maintenance of a boat can be very expensive. You’ll want to make sure you have the proper maritime safety technology installed to ensure safe travels. If this is your first purchase or major upgrade from a small boat you will want to ensure your spend is within your financial means. You also need to factor in the costs that you will need to part with every year to keep your vessel in excellent condition due to environmental and mechanical wear and tear such as: the corrosive effects of sea water, damages from sunlight, ice and snow, rain and rough sea or lake conditions. Taking excellent care of your vessel will ensure your enjoyment is maximized and will make for reliable sailing. This will also help retain the resale value of your investment, like other yachts for sale that have been well cared for.

Are you looking at pre-owned vessel?

Given that the average boater only gets out on the water about once a month it is likely that many of the pre-owned yachts for sale on the market will be in pretty good condition if proper boat maintenance and storage were completed by the previous owner. A very wise option is to have a professional assessor thoroughly look over a potential yacht for you. A qualified assessor can help identify if any structural damage is due to wear and tear or likely to impact the performance of the boat, if other obvious repairs have been done correctly and by quality repairers and not quickly covered up, what the condition of the hull is like, if there is any internal or external rust that needs attention, and if the boat has durable and robust ropes and rigging.

A few questions you should ask the existing owner about the vessel for sale include:

-Where was the vessel stored? – Marina, dock or trailer for instance.

-What was the boat used for? – Cruising, sailing or racing for example.

-Does the boat come with a trailer and/or motor? What condition are these in?

-Does the vessel meet current safety guidelines and when was it last inspected?

-Has the yacht ever been in an accident?

Buying a boat or yacht is a serious commitment and requires preparation and research. Make sure you are well informed and prepared prior to buying a yacht of your own.