John Rosatti is a well-known name in the yachting business across the world, but his love for cars is no less important and hence, he has also made a mark in the world of classic cars. His irrepressible passion for speed and luxury has led him to learn the trade and collect classic cars both for the purposes of pleasure as well as sports. The coveted classic cars collected by John, are usually known for their luxury and speed.

Among the many classic cars to have ever hit the roads, the second generation Corvette Sting Ray is the most popular. This particular car is very muscular and has a mighty engine that makes it stand out as one of the best cars in the history of Corvette Cars. Another aspect of this stylish car that has made it really famous is the originality of its design.

Known by many as the ultimate muscle car, the Corvette Sting Ray is the work of the master car designer William Bill Mitchell. William has justified his car designing popularity by taking care of every feature of the car. He has completed the design after a thorough research and with absolute professionalism. Few of the many features that this car includes are the retractable headlamps, pointed fenders, and a considerably bulging hood.

Initially, many mistook the car to be the Stingray Racer because most of the designs included in both these cars were so similar to each other. Later modifications made the Corvette Sting Ray somewhat more distinct. Today, it stands out as the most distinct and stylish classic car the world has ever known. The car possessed by John was exclusively designed for sports purposes and only twenty of them were ever made. People who own these cars are very proud and feel rather fortunate for getting the rare opportunity of owning and driving the stylish cars that are true showstoppers in all car race events held across the globe. John’s love for classic cars is only matched by his passion for yachting.